Sculptor Seema Shirke puts life to clay when she is at work where ideas take beautiful forms. She is daughter of famous Sculptor Shri. B.R. Khedkar. Seema is an arts student and has done her Government Diploma in art (GD Art). Seema shaped success ever since her college days. One of her Sculpture was selected for prestigious Lalit Kala expo. Today she is one of the few women who do Realistic Sculpting in India.

Her father also is into Realistic Sculpting. Initially Seema, was ardently enjoying her brief stint in Modern Art since 1992 and was little hesitant to shift her focus to Realistic Sculpting. At age of 40 she started to try her hands on Realistic Sculpting under her father's guidance. "It is only because of his guidance that I have come thus far". Also it was Seema's mother Lt. Smt. Kalawati Khedkar who strongly wished she should follow the path successfully laid by her father. Today Seema is happy, with her parents blessings she has fulfilled their dream. Also she owes her success to her family who is her strength but one person who has been her strongest support and stood by her in thick and thins is her Husband Mr.Vijay Shirke.

While working with her father she has had a great experience. "My father taught me to see the minute detail in everything and express them in form of Sculpture". Sculpting is not an easy job. Sculptures are of mainly two types, Metals and Fibre. When Seema does realistic sculptures she makes sure she studies them in detail to give a life-like effect, .i.e. while making sculpture of a person she tries to penetrate through their life to get accurate result of her work. Work procedure is sincerely followed, where-in when the basic clay model is ready it shown to the customer. Once the customer approves it, plaster mould is made. Her first sculpture is of Spiritual Leader whom she worships Shri.Ramkrishna Parahans.

Her Work Profile is as creative as her work. Gliding through it gives us the idea of her sheer hard work and dedication put in for more than 20 years.

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Group Exhibition :-

  • Marks 1981 at Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune
  • Yuva 1989 at Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune

Participation in Art Competitions :-

  • Painting : Hyderabad Art Society 1984
  • Sculpture : 'Youth 85' Lalit Kala Academy – New Delhi 1985
  • Painting : V.V.OakSmruthiPradarshan 1998
  • Painting : Rotary Club of Pune – Katraj 2000
  • Stone Carving : " Shri Ganesh Idol" – Shri Yeshtwantrao Prathishthan Pune

Work Shops Conducted :-

  • SNDT College – Clay Work
  • Various Society & Schools – Clay Work
  • Making of Ganesh Idols
  • Guiding budding artists (Free of Cost)

Offerings :-

  • Sculpture of Bhagwan Shri RamkrishnaParmahans – at Shri.Ramkrishna Math, Pune.
  • Sculpture of Bhagwan ShriMahadev (Shiv) – at Shri.Ramkrishna Math, Pune.
  • Sculpture of Swami Vivekananda in Dhayan Mudra (Meditation Pose) - at Shri Ramkrishna Math, Pune.
  • Mural of Shri.Guruvarya Sadhu Vaswani& Shri Dadaji (Teacher-disciple) – offered to Shri.Dadaji.

Work Done & On-going work under the able guidance of Her Father & Her ParamPujya Guru (Respectable Teacher) Shri.B.R.Khedkar

Sculptures :-

  • Bhagwan Shri Ramkrishna Paramahans – at Shri Ramkrishna Math, Pune.
  • Bhagwan Shri Mahadev (Shiv) – at Shri Ramkrishna Math, Pune.
  • Swami Vivekananda in Dhayan Mudra (Meditation Pose) - at Shri RamkrishnaMath, Pune.
  • Shri.Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj riding a horse – 9.5 Feet at Bidar – Karnataka
  • Shri. Babasaheb Ambedkar - 12.5 Feet at Daund and Ashti, Maharashtra.
  • Shri. Dhond 6.5 Feet & 3 Feet
  • Shri. Sambhaji Maharaj's life size 4 Feet
  • Shri. Balasaheb Thakrey (Shiv SenaSuprimo)
  • Shri.Vilasrao Deshmukh (Former C.M - Maharashtra)
  • Smt. Malshikhare (Ghogargaon) Ahmendnagar, Maharashtra.
  • Loknayak Shri. Jayprakash Narayan (Freedom Fighter)- Karnataka.
  • Shri. Padale Guruji (PadaleSanstha) – Kolhapur , Maharashtra.
  • Shri.Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj 3 Feet
  • Shri.Gautam Buddha
  • Swami Vivekananda 2.5 Feet – Bharat VikasParishad

Murals :-

  • Shri. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi – 1.5' x 2'
  • Saptashrungi Mata (Shri ShetraVani) – 4' x 8.6'
  • HirkaniPannel– Shiv Shrushti (Akluj) – 15' x 7'
  • Murals in Aba Bagul Udyan – Shakarnagr (Pune) 15' x 7'
  • Life Journey of Bhaurao Patil – Pandharpur

Seema says, "Sculpting needs creativity, passion and patience", she always follows message given by her father, "Whatever the task is, it has to be done with perfection. If you do small jobs perfectly big jobs automatically gets attracted to you".